Ms. Ty

An Early Years specialised teacher currently living and working in Bangkok, Thailand

About Me

Over the past 7 years of teaching, I’ve had the opportunity to wear many different hats in Education. Most recently, I’ve been a homeroom teacher in the Kindergarten Department at The American School of Bangkok (a WASC accredited international school in Thailand). In this role I’ve been responsible for managing teaching assistants, lesson planning and curriculum mapping according to standards, and co-planning school events (school musical, charity fundraisers, sports day, art auction etc.). Before Bangkok, I taught for Korea’s government English Program (EPIK) in Elementary and Middle Schools classrooms for 3 years. I’ve also worked as a debate instructor on the weekends and juggled a part-time online position teaching Chinese students 1-on-1.

I’ve recently completed a postgraduate teacher preparation program through TEACH-NOW Graduate School of Education and fully expect to become a licensed teacher in the state of Washington, D.C. as soon as Praxis testing centers re-open. The program included a 3 month practicum teaching portion and a heavy focus on InTASC Standards. My practicum focused on Early Years, but I plan to add endorsements in other subject areas (namely Social Studies) over the next couple of years.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is strongly rooted in the concept of growth mindset.. I believe that students need to feel comfortable exploring and making mistakes and that can only happen in an environment that makes them feel safe and supported. When students feel safe, they naturally challenge themselves because they know adults are there to catch them if they fall. In my classroom it’s never a matter of, “I can’t do this” but instead of, “I can’t do this… YET”.

In my classroom, I aim to facilitate a student-centered environment where students can learn through inquiry and play-based learning whenever possible. I believe this is the best approach for developing necessary 21st century skills like negotiation, cognitive flexibility and complex problem solving. I also spend a lot of energy nurturing emotional intelligence in my students as I feel that self-regulation of emotions will be critical for the new generation. I accomplish this awareness by first co-regulating students in order to teach them strategies like mindfulness, breathing, and healthy self-expression. The more educators model kindness, respect and courage - the more we will see those traits in our children.